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Anne T. Dotes® Face Primer

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20,500.000 IQD
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25,500.000 IQD
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20,500.000 IQD
Meet the NEW Anne T. Dotes® Face Primer, known for locking in her makeup. She is flexible out of the gate, but once she sets the stage, nothing budges. This smooth-talking clean formula, has all the answers when it comes to masking skin imperfections. Finally, a lady who knows the lay of the land. Not only good for your skin, it’s good for the planet with its post-consumer recycled tube. She’s cleaner and greener than ever before! Reformulated version with Green Tea Extract, this replenishing primer preps the skin for a smooth application. We also used ingredients like Rose Hip Oil and Argan Oil, that helps to condition, soothe, and moisturize the skin. Use alone for a dewy glow, or under your foundation for a longer wear.
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    Anne T. Dotes® Face Primer
    Anne T. Dotes® Face Primer
    Anne T. Dotes® Face Primer
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